The Mountain Greenery of Kerala

The greenery in the mountain range of eastern Kerala is fascinatingly varied - from tea gardens on the green hills of Munnar (pic below) through the wild tangles of rain forests to the deciduous Eucalyptus plantations

Green hills

As you travel through the land, you would find the greenery becoming thicker towards the mountains. These days, much of the greenery is cultivated gardens of coconut, arecanut, banana, nutmeg, and other crops, along with the original (or planted) mango and jackfruit trees.


You might find blue mountain peaks on the left (or right) and either plantations or dense forests of bamboo and wild growths on both sides. forest The mountain forests could include teak, rosewood or other hard or soft wood timber trees. Or they might be tea or coffee or rubber plantations. In some sections of the range, sandalwood trees grow in large numbers.

In certain deep, inaccessible regions of the mountain forests, ganja plants of the cannabis family, that provide psychedelic substances, are also cultivated illegally (and destroyed by the police occasionally).

Even in the hot summer, you could find the weather becoming cooler, and the air clean and refreshing, as you move towards the mountains. During the rainy seasons, the greenery spreads to every nook and corner where there is open soil. Grass would be growing in profusion beyond the edges of the bitumen roads.