Malampuzha - Mountain River

The word malampuzha means 'mountain river' in local language. malampuzha - mountain riverAnd you would feel that the name is singularly appropriate as you view the dammed river waters in the background of the heavily cloud-covered hills. The kind of clouds seen in the pic right could be seen only during the monsoons, however.

Malampuzha is a mountain stream that feeds a major river in Kerala, the Bharathapuzha. An angled dam, nearly two kilometers long, was completed in 1956 to utilise the water for irrigation and water supply purposes.

Garden and Recreation

malampuzha-gardenBelow the dam there is a large garden. You can spend several relaxed hours in the garden. garden-palm There are several rest spots, under built-up structures or in the open, scattered across the garden. A ropeway passes above and a trip on it is another way to see the garden.

Yet another option is to study the individual plants in the garden. Many persons (like this writer) might derive great pleasure just looking at the garden palms planted along the walkways.

Climbing up the dam, you could get panoramic views. On one side you see the reservoir and mountains. On the other are the garden and the green hills in the background. garden-and-green-hill You might also like walking along the long walkway atop the dam. dam-walk Nearly two kilometers long, the walkway turns almost 90 degree about the middle.

You could ride a boat along the reservoir, seeing many islets during your trip. In the garden itself, there is an artificial canal on which you could take pedal-boat rides.

There is a snake rescue and rehabilitation center in the garden complex. Managed by the Forests Department, the snake park accommodates several varieties of snake, poisonous and non-poisonous.

Outside the garden complex, there is a fresh water fish acquarium (built in the shape of a fish).

You could spend a whole day enjoying the above and several other experiences at Malampuzha. And many other attractions, like the Silent Valley National Park, are within motoring distance.

Kerala: Hills and Rivers

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