Kerala Weather and Seasons

In Kerala, the three major seasons are summer (February-May), monsoons (June-August and October-November) and winter (December-January) with a pleasant interval of mild weather between August and October. There is no fall season, with any noticeable falling of leaves. Instead, towards the height of summer (March-April-May), there is a partial falling of leaves. It would still be hot summer, as your perspiring body would tell you.

It gets increasingly hot during the summer season from February to May. A few showers in March or April might cool things a bit (not much). Temperatures typically reach 35 degrees centigrade and the blazing sun is no pleasant experience. Tree leaves become dry and begin to fall, though few trees become completely bare of leaves.

The Dramatic Monsoon

The monsoon Towards May end or June beginning, the scene changes. Winds from South-West, bearing water vapor, begin to blow from the oceans. Heavy rain clouds cover the sun and rains begin to pour. It is dark and cool (or wet, if you are outside a comfortable shelter). See separate article on Monsoon Rains.

The south-west monsoon lasts till around August and there is a pleasant interval of two months or so before north-east monsoon takes over. The weather is mild and it is celebration time in Kerala. Flowers bloom, rice is harvested, there is feasting and entertainment programs (like boat races) and people go shopping in a big way.

The north-east monsoon is noisy, with thunder and lightning. It pours during October-November, almost always in the afternoon.

The Winter

In Kerala, winter means just a cold season. Temperatures might fall to 25 degrees centigrade or so. That is cool by our standards. A fog might cover trees and buildings in the mornings and it would generally be a pleasant time. In Kerala, it is also the time for such major pilgimages as sabarimala and thiruvairanikulam. It is also the season of Christmas and the coming of a new year. The Muslim festival of Eid Ul Fitr also occurs around this period.

Towards January end, summer would be nearing and the cycle starts again.