Kerala Travelers Info

This page of information for Kerala travelers focuses on the ways of going around Kerala once you get here. Getting here is discussed briefly at the beginning.

Travelling to Kerala

Cochin Airport of Kerala

There are three airports in Kerala, at:

  • Cochin or Kochi (pic on right),
  • Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram and
  • Calicut or Kozhikode.
All of them are international airports with direct international flights. However, such direct flights originate only from a few places, mainly Singapore, Colombo, Dubai, Sharjah, Muscat and some other Arab countries. So, you'd have to reach these originating stations first.kerala scene

However, if you are a high-spending tourist, you could join a chartered flight group. Hotel groups in Kerala arrange such charter flights from Europe and other places, and also take the travelers to the most scenic and enjoyable tourist spots.

Kerala is a land of rivers, lakes, greenery, beaches, green hills, heritage sights and numerous other attractions. The National Geographic Traveler ranks Kerala as one of the top tourist destinations.

People are friendly, and willing to help you.

Travelling in Kerala

If you are a budget traveler, or not quite a high spender, you would find the Kerala travelers info below valuable.

Railway Travel

India has an extensive network of railways. A line from Bombay (Mumbai) enters Kerala at the north end, and traverses the state's whole length before leaving for Cape Comorin (Kanniyakumari) at the south end.

railway in kerala

This north-south line is joined by lines from the east at Shoranur (halfway north) and Quilon (towards the south end). These side lines take you to Madras and to other places in Tamilnadu.

At almost all railway stations, you could get a copy of the current Time Table which contains detailed information for planning your journey.

Raiways offer First Class, Air Conditioned Second Class and plain Second Class compartments. The last category would be quite crowded (and hot or wet depending on the season). Unless you are a toughened traveler, it would be best to avoid this class.

Other Means of Travel

A kerala small town street

The street scene to the right shows the most common means of travel in Kerala, bus services (the red vehicle in the background), autorickshaw (the black and yellow one), automobiles and the motorbike.

There are scheduled bus services that reach or pass through most urban and rural areas of Kerala. At the bus stations, you could get info on the timings and routes.


In coastal or lakeside cities and towns, you might find scheduled boat services that offer water travel at cheap rates.

The black and yellow autorickshaw (motorized three-wheeler) is a ubiquitous sight in India. Next to scheduled train, bus and boat services, the "auto" is the cheapest way to get about (though you might have to bargain, unless the route is one where the driver condescends to use the fare meter). This three-wheeler is used mainly for local travel - inside the city and nearby suburbs.

tourist taxi

More comfortable would be travel by tourist bus and taxi. Tourist buses are for bigger groups while taxis could be for individuals or small groups. Both these are available with or without air conditioning. Your guide or hotel would be able to arrange these at standard rates.

Traveling by road could give you an authentic flavor of Kerala. You would pass through stunningly beautiful stretches of country, quaint little towns and villages and also through hot and dusty areas. Travel by scheduled bus services is suitable only for a toughened traveler. The ride could be jumpy and jerky owing to uneven roads, chaotic traffic and impatient drivers.

Accommodation in Kerala

There are five-star hotels like Taj Malabar and Le Meridien, where a room costs USD 150 and more per day, and cheap hotels costing USD 10 or less a day. Accommodation could also be arranged at private homes. If you need help, complete the contact us form below.