Kerala Late Holiday Opportunities

If you are late booking your Kerala holidays, don't worry. You would find several holiday options available at short notice. Even accommodation could be arranged almost any time (provided you don't insist on five-star accommodation). Hike among green hills, or cruise along lakes and lagoons, or watch wildlife from a boat, or tour heritage memorials, or just relax on quiet beaches.

Kerala Holiday Options

River holidays

Kerala (or Kerela) is one of the top tourist destinations (a must-see destination according to National Geographic Traveler) and the holiday options available to tourists are numerous. Let us look at some major tour experiences waiting for you:

  • River Cruises: Over 40 rivers flow across Kerala. Cruise slowly along a river in a country boat, enjoying the greenery and other sights on both sides.
  • Backwater Cruises: In Kerala, backwaters mean a series of coastal lakes and lagoons, most of them linked to the Arabian Sea. Backwater cruises provide a more profound experience compared to river cruises.
  • Hike Among the Green Hills: A mountain range on the east (the Western Ghats) separates Kerala from neighboring states. The range consists of many green hills. Some are tea plantations (like Munnar - pronounced Moonnaar), others are pilgim destinations (like Sabari Mala or Malayattoor) and yet others are forests (including rain-forests like Silent Valley).
  • Wildlife from a Lake: The Periyar is the largest river in Kerala. Towards its origin in the forested mountain range is the Periyar lake and wildlife sanctuary. You could ride the lake in a boat while observing wildlife.
  • Chinese Fishing Net
  • Relax on the Beach: There are beaches and beaches. Long curving sandy shores, beaches with shady trees, beaches in the middle of a lake and more. See the Chinese Fishing Net (see pic) from a treed beach at Fort Kochi.
  • Work the Chinese Fishing Net: Chinese Fishing Net is an endangered species, as they are uneconomic to maintain. Work on a specimen (if you feel like it) before they become extinct.
  • Tour Heritage Sights: There are many heritage sights across Kerala, left by local heroes as well as the Portuguese, Dutch, French and British (heroes and non-heroes). There are palaces, forts, churches, cemeteries and museums to see.
  • Walk Around Quaint Old Towns: Different cities and towns in Kerala have different flavors. Some are old-world and quaint, others are rural in ambience, yet others are bustling with sailors and fishermen and then there are towns in the forests.
  • Drive Around the Countryside: If you don't mind getting wet, you could tour the stunningly green countryside during the monsoons. Or, if you don't mind dust and crowds, you could do the tour in the dry seasons.
  • Witness the Temple Festivals: Mingle with a crowd in the night and watch a temple festival. A row of elephants with golden "face" covers are standing in front of tall oil-burning lamps. A band of drummers, pipers and cymbalists are creating a strange world of sound.
  • Watch Art Performances: Watch kalaripayattu the martial art, or kathakali the dance where silent performers communicate entirely through gestures.
  • Rejuvenate Yourself Before Leaving: Undergo the eco-friendly ayurveda treatment with herbal medicines and oil massages to relieve all stress and rejuvenate yourself, before leaving back home.

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