Kerala Antique Furniture

Kerala antique furniture looks quaint now. Demand from the increasing number of antique collectors is keeping its trade alive, however.

Some Kerala Antiques

Wooden cot The wooden cot to the left and the swing bed to the right were both used for sleeping. Swing bed While the former was restricted to bed rooms, the swing could be found in drawing rooms also. The gentle rocking motion of the swing bed helped sleep to come quicker.

wooden cupboard The almirah (large cupboard) has shelves inside to store clothes and other things. clothes box The antique model pictured left could be disassembled into several pieces and assembled again easily and quickly.

The large box pictured right was typically used to store clothes. It has a small sub-box inside (aligned with top left of the box) to store trinkets.

Office box The box below it (at right) was much smaller and stored documents, ink bottle, pens, paper and rulers (pictured below).

Ruler One memory of this writer is of his father making lined-page notebooks. He placed sheets of white paper on a large table and rolled the ruler over each sheet, drawing lines at each quarter (or so) roll. The lined paper sheets were then cut, folded and sewed to make notebooks. Life was rather antique in those days (as my grand-daughter might remark in 2060 about my ways).