Kerala Fish Curry Recipe

A genuine Kerala fish curry recipe.

Fish Curry Ingredients

Cooking the Curry

    Heat the oil on high flame till it begins to smoke (a little)

    Add the onion, chilly and ginger pieces, and curry leaves. Lower the flame. Cook till the onion become soft, stirring the mix.

    Add chilly and turmeric powder and stir for another minute.

    Add the tomato pieces, and cook a further three minutes, stirring frequently.

    Add the cup of water with kudappuli (along with the kudappuli), salt and an additional cup of water. (If you are using tamarind paste instead of kudapuli soaked water, two cups of water has to be added at this stage.) Turn up the flame and cook till the mixture boils.

    Add the fish, lower the flame and cook till half the water has evaporated. While stirring occasionally, take care not to break the soft fish.

Your Fish Curry Is Ready!

By now, the fish should have absorbed all the spices (don't forget to lower the flame in the last step to give it time) and you should have a spicy Kerala fish curry.

We have selected one recipe that does not involve using coconut milk or mango. Making coconut milk in the traditional way is somewhat messy while mango is a seasonal item. The recipe we have provided is not only easy to cook but also uses ingredients available in all seasons.

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