Cherai Beach on the Arabian Sea

Cherai beach facing the Arabian Sea is easily accessible from Ernakulam in Cochin.

Cherai Beach The pic right shows a wet beach covered by the sea. It was monsoon time when the pic was taken and the sea had invaded the beach. During other seasons, the Cherai beach would be a long curving beach with plenty of space for all comers.

Cherai Cherai is coconut country with sea waters everywhere. The nearest town is Paravur and the beach is about 6 kilometers from the town. If you travel by bus, you alight at the Cherai junction, and walk along a two kilometer road running among fields and sea waters.

Chinese fishing net - Cherai

Along the way, you could see Chinese fishing nets and busy fishermen on their canoes. Beach Resort Just before you reach the beach, you would also find a beach resort with thatched huts to accommodate visiting tourists (pic left).

The sense of quiet peace is reinforced by the shady road (pic below right) and a quaint beachfront (the fourth pic in the top banner) that you find on reaching the beach. There is a concrete parapet separating the beachfront from the sea. The beach itself lies beyond this parapet.Beach Road

The beach is safe for swimming. Dolphins have reportedly been sighted here. Cherai itself is a village with typical rural sights - small residences, roads with few people, plenty of greenery and few vehicles.

Access is also easy. If you land at Cochin International Airport, go to Parur and then to Cherai.

Missing this quiet and lovely place would a loss to a tourist.